Jayvee Organics and Polymers Private Limited was established in 1987. Their core activity is the marketing of Polymer Additives. Jayvee Organics and Polymers  represents well known international companies like Crompton Specialties Pvt. Ltd. Germany for PVC Additives, Cognis Deutschland Gmbh for plastic processing additives, Constab Polymer Chemie Gmbh, Germany for Additive master batches,  APV Baker Ltd., UK for powder coating machineries, SILON of Czech Republic for impact modifier, Dragon Traders of Hong Kong for antioxidants and UV stabalisers.
Jayvee Organics assists polymer manufacturers, compounders and processors to select the additives and help protect, preserve and modify polymers to enhance their performance. The various international companies Jayvee represents are :

Crompton Specialities Pvt. Ltd which is one of the leading manufacturer of PVC additives with excellent technical service and R & D facilities. Additives for PVC processing viz. Heat Stabilizers, Kickers, Processing-Aids, Lubricants and Antistatic agents offered by Crompton Vinyl Additives Gmbh are well known and widely accepted since past several years.

Constab which belongs to a group engaged in the manufacture of colour and Additive master batches. They have an excellent R & D facility. CONSTAB is the leader especially in additive master batches for wide ranging polymers including highly specialised field of BOPP film production.

Cognis Deutschland GmbH which is one of the leading manufacturer of wide variety of Plastic Processing additives such as :
Loxiol Lubricants based on Fatty Acids; High Molecular Weight multi-component Esters, PE and Ester Waxes, Metal Soaps, etc.
Dehydat: Antistatic Agents.

PNNP Co. Ltd., Thailand. This company is manufacturer of Calcium Carbonate. Their products are available with a top cut ranging from 8 to 30. The average particle size ranges from 1.63 to 4.00 micron. These products are available either Titanate or Stearate coating of 1.5% and a proprietary coating of 1.5% making it into 3% coating. Some grades are also available uncoated.

Sovitech Cataphote, Belgium. Glass beads under the brand name of Microperl ranging from 20 - 150 microns are used as reinforcing fillers. These glass beads are used in thermoplastics as well as thermo set resins.

Tramco founded in 1973 is the leading manufacturer of TRACEL brand blends of exothermic and/or exothermic blowing agents for thermoplastics such as PVC, PP, HDPE, LDPE, EVA, PS, ABS, SAN, PET etc.