PolymerLatex is the expert for polymer dispersions. Although relatively young PolymerLatex already belongs to the top latex suppliers world-wide as PolymerLatex has many decades of experience and know-how in the area of polymer emulsions. PolymerLatex was founded in 1996 as joint venture of Bayer AG and Hüls AG - later Degussa AG in order to combine the latex activities of Bayer, Degussa and their affiliated companies such as Röhm GmbH and to be able to offer a complete product range from one single source.
Polymer Latex has its own production sites in Marl (Germany), Worms (Germany), Filago (Italy) and Bromsgrove (UK).

Polymer Latex offers a broad product range for different kinds of application areas.
Besides of XSBR, HS-SBR and Acrylate dispersions  PolymerLatex also offers dispersion on the basis of other polymers such as NBR, CR, PSBR and ABS Latices.
Development of tailor-made solutions
Specific support for their customers to develop new products or to help solve problems
Quick implementation of innovative recipes in the production
Flexibility and adherence to delivery dates
Support and service from one source
World-wide distribution network and technical service

Their product range finds usage in various applications such as paints, lacquers, construction chemistry, construction adhesives, molded foam, adhesives, paper, shoes, dipped goods, carpet, cord impregnation, decorative papers, masking tapes, specialties, textile/ non woven and thickeners.